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A Dutch court has ruled that DNA tests may be carried out on the belongings of a late fertility clinic doctor accused of falsely impregnating dozens of women.

Jan Karbaat, who died in April at 89, allegedly used his own sperm, rather than samples from chosen donors, to father his patients’ children.

“DNA samples of a recently deceased doctor may be taken from sequestered goods to establish a DNA profile,” a Rotterdam court said.

The test results must remain sealed, the court added, until another judge rules on whether or not the doctor’s DNA profile can be compared to the DNA of the children born through IVF.

Dutch fertility clinic head accused of donating own sperm

“There is currently not enough hard evidence to prove that the doctor actually used his own sperm. The claim by plaintiffs will have to be further substantiated in subsequent proceedings,” the court said in a statement.

Karbaat’s patients allege that the fertility expert bragged about his own superior genetics and admitted he used his own seed to impregnate them.

“He saw it as something noble. He had no concept of ethics,” Monique Wassensaar, a plaintiff in the case said, The Telegraph reported.

Karbaat reportedly admitted to fathering 60 children through IVF treatment, the group’s lawyer, Tim Bueters, told the court.

Police seized Karbaat’s personal belongings, including a toothbrush, from his home on May 2nd.

The Karbaat family lawyer has argued that DNA testing should not be performed on the objects, out of respect for the privacy of his family.

Karbaat reportedly stipulated in his will that he did not want DNA tests performed on him post-mortem.

Karbaat’s Bijdorp Medical Center closed eight years ago amid reports that he falsified administrative records.

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